Course Offerings

Cinematography is known as the art of motion-picture photography. Cinematographers use controllable elements such as movement, visual composition and the nature of lighting to create the visual tone of a scene. In this camera techniques course, students will shoot camera drills, gain insight on numerous technical setups and solve technical issues.

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and there seems to be no better time than the present to become a documentary filmmaker. Discover the techniques and styles best suited for your documentary idea and then shape that idea into a work that can be funded and hold up to the competition.

Our basic production course is designed to cover key concepts and practices for making a film or video project. Topics include a thorough introduction to the professional DV camera, important aspects of lighting, sound, shot composition, camera movement, visual storytelling devices, working as a filmmaking crew, and editing.

This course puts the skills that students learn in the Digital Filmmaking course into immediate action through the creation of advanced, narrative film projects. Students will work together as a team, filling specialized on-set roles, to create original content, while also receiving advanced lectures on topics such as directing actors, production logistics, visualizing shots and sequences, and more.

Adobe's digital editing software has long been used by professional editors around the world. This course will provide students instruction on the complete process of editing on Premiere Pro, from organizing footage to uploading to the web. Topics covered include basic editing, trimming, transitions, titling, sound, color correction and an intro to special effects.

The secret’s out: Producers are the ones who make it all happen. Pre-production and proper planning are essential to a successful feature-length film. Lectures and seminars will use real production case studies to cover budgeting, scheduling, casting, releases, permits, soliciting investors, script breakdowns, hiring crew, coordinating post-production, festivals and distribution.



Want to translate your idea into a feature film? This course is designed to introduce beginning writers to the fundamentals of writing a feature-length screenplay. Through screenings, readings, discussion, and critiques, students will engage with character development, dialogue, structure, narrative progression, and what to do with a finished screenplay.

It's time to roll up your sleeves. This 8-week clinic will provide the individual attention, mentorship, and support needed to complete your feature narrative or documentary film script. Students will present their writing to the class for peer feedback and critique, guided by the instructor, and will be expected to revise their script regularly outside of class.