Now That We Have Your Attention

Directed by: Layne Marie Williams and Lonnie Edwards

Saturday, July 21 - 7:30pm

Now That We Have Your Attention

Curated by Layne Marie Williams and Lonnie Edwards 

This program features short films made and selected by filmmakers Layne Marie Williams (who is also co-founder and Executive Director of Women of the Now) and Lonnie Edwards, focused on work by women and African Americans. 


Screening are:


An Atramentous Mind (Layne Marie Williams and Lonnie Edwards, 2017, 7 min)

A police officer is confronted with his own abuse of power; his newfound perspective saves him from making a deadly mistake.


Forgotten West (Vincent Singleton, 2006, 15 min) 

A Buffalo Soldier must weigh duty versus ego when a prejudiced postman's daughter is kidnapped.


Bug (James Pillion, 2013, 16 min, Australia) 

In early 1990s Los Angeles, a young African-American child from a fragmented family yearns to bring his parents together. Setting out to find his estranged mother, he comes to discover the ugly truth of racial intolerance and the inherent dangers of naivety.


The Big Chop (Derek Dow, 2016, 15 min) 

A child's positive outlook on her appearance is affected by peers, family, and media. 


Fear (Chan C. Smith, 2016, 20 min) 

Tre is on the right path, but makes choices that may affect his long term goals. After an argument with his mother goes awry, Tre leaves his apartment and encounters a haunting reality of life on the south side of Chicago. 


Who is Jon Savêge...? (Lonnie Edwards, 2017, 6 min)

Award-Winning Filmmaker Lonnie Edwards allows a small vulnerable glimpse into his life while on tour. Covering the span of five months, numerous cities and countries internationally, the rigorous schedule takes a toll on the filmmaker's psyche as he tries to juggle his ascension into popularity with the demands of family, friends, the industry all while dealing with the loss of a close loved one.  


The Woe Chronicles (Samantha George, 2018, 5 min)

When expectations don’t match reality, Kendra’s weekend plans turn into bruised feelings and an unanswered question with little explanation. 


Big Mama Red: The Artwork Of Catherine Woods (JC Farris, 2018, 4 min)

Catherine Woods, a Chicago based artist, discusses her most recent exhibition entitled Blood Magic, which incorporates real menstrual blood to celebrate and destigmatize what it means for a woman to be "on her period". 


Runner (Clare Cooney, 2017, 12 min)

A woman goes for a jog and witnesses something she can't run away from.


St Jane Fashion Editorial (Layne Marie Williams & Women of the Now, 2018, 2 min)

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