CFA Out of the Vault: Funny You Should Mention...

Directed by: Robert Flaxman and Don Klugman - SAT, FEB 23, 7PM


This selection of short films made between 1967 and 1970 by Robert Flaxman and Don Klugman captures a unique moment in Chicago’s history in which the music, comedy, and independent filmmaking scenes overlapped in hip Old Town. Featuring legendary performers including Brian Doyle-Murray, Jim Fisher, Joe Flaherty, Judy Harris, and Harold Ramis, among others. Filmmaker Don Klugman is scheduled to attend the screening. 

Who (Robert Flaxman, 1967, 7 minutes)
I’ve Got This Problem (Don Klugman, 1966, 8.5 minutes)
You’re Putting Me On (Don Klugman, 1969, 16 minutes)
The Gospel According to Ralph Williams (Robert Flaxman, 1969, 8 minutes)
Second City “PTA Meeting” (Robert Flaxman, 1970, 10 minutes)
TRT: 50 minutes
Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Ave. enter on Hollywood Ave.
60660 Chicago , IL