Two Friends

Directed by: Jane Campion

Co-Presented by Chicago Film Society


There’s a trepidation and thrill that always comes with watching the first feature of a beloved, accomplished director. What seeds of the artist’s lifelong obsessions can be spotted, what threads connect youthful beginnings to future masterpieces? Jane Campion’s debut feature, made for Australian television in 1986 (three years before her theatrical debut, Sweetie) has a realist bent that she shies from in her later films, and a humanism she most certainly does not. Written by acclaimed Australian novelist Helen Garner, it’s a raw tale of adolescence and friendship told in reverse, charting the relationship between two 15-year-old girls from its painful dissolution to its hopeful beginning. Shot on 16mm and restored by Milestone Films in 1996 (when it finally received an American theatrical release) Two Friends is not just a curiosity from an auteur’s past, but a heartbreaking and gorgeous film, through and through. (RL)

76 min • Australian Broadcasting Corp. • 16mm from CFS Collection, permission Milestone Films

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