THEY HAD IT COMING (3/19, 8pm)

Directed by: Jon Jost

A new film from independent master Jon Jost is always a cause for cinephile excitement. Doubly so for a collaboration between Jost and up-and-coming midwest auteur of the bleak Blake Eckard. After the two collaborated in last year's GHOSTS OF EMPIRE PRAIRIE, Jost as actor and Eckard as writer and director, they were inspired by the landscape and community in rural Missouri and decided to make a second film that abandons straight narrative for elliptical stories of lives gone wrong, murders, and grim realities of lives at the edge. Mixed in between are brief interviews with regular folk telling mundane details of their life, occasionally pushed to discomfort. Made on a true micro-budget, this film shines with fantastic performances and rigorous and beautifully stark images. (2015, 84 min., video)

Chicago Filmmakers
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