Directed by: Melissa and Jimmy Boratyn

Saturday, October 12, 2019 
Directed by Melissa and Jimmy Boratyn, 2018, USA, 97 mins.

The future seems uncertain for recent college graduate Ginger Mathis. Her English lit degree hasn’t miraculously scored her a publishing deal, and her part-time job isn’t making a dent in her student loans (or getting her pushy mother off her back). The only thing Ginger knows for sure is that she feels lost trying to navigate adulthood, let alone find her life’s purpose. And her recent breast cancer diagnosis certainly doesn’t ease that anxiety.

As Ginger’s treatment progresses, she encounters uncomfortable truths about living with breast cancer while trying to navigate the other challenges that exist in everyday life. When she crashes and burns trying to avoid the painful twists brought on by her illness, her dearest relationships are threatened. 
Ginger is based on the true story of co-director Melissa Boratyn’s breast cancer diagnosis. It’s a story for all people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. It’s also a story of courage in the wake of devastating uncertainty, and a story of hope that reminds us to find joy in every moment, no matter what challenges we may face.
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