The Best of Group 312 Films

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Group 312 Films is a not-for-profit, artist collective of digital video directors. Each filmmaker creates one short per month inspired by a group-elected theme that she or he is free to interpret however they see fit. We collaborate with one another as well as with friends, actors, editors, writers, musicians, lighting technicians, sound-designers and graphic artists as much as possible. At each monthly meeting, we screen our projects for each other, get feedback from the group and launch a new theme or topic for the following month.

Our films generally have a run-time from as short as two minutes to as long as 20 minutes in length. The group explores a variety of themes; narrative, poetic, experimental and music video within the thematic context of the monthly topic. All approaches are welcome. Our members encompass a variety of skill levels. Some work professionally within the video/advertising world, some come from art or music backgrounds, and there are still others who are new to video altogether. The important thing is that we all learn, encourage, and find inspiration with each other though the collective environment. We welcome and encourage new members, those who are curious about our group or those who think they might be interested in exploring video in the future. 

This presentation features recent work from Kevin B. Chatham, Dave Purdie, Richard Syska, Eric Albert Branstrom, Johnny Lange, Anna Munzesheimer, Angela Branstrom, Brian Klein, Joseph Wiskowski and more. 
Check out the trailer for the program here
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