Women of the Now Anniversary Screening

Directed by: various


Various, 2018, USA, program duration: 60 minutes
Still from Women of The Now Presents: Bea Cordelia 
March is Women's History Month! Celebrate it with Women Of the Now's Second Anniversary screening.
Selected films have been carefully curated to feature femme-driven narratives made by some of Chicago's top up-and-coming female-identified filmmakers.
Directed by Laura Day, 2018, 4 mins
A disgruntled young woman makes her way through a monotonous day only to face a shocking surprise in this millennial mood piece.
Directed by Akuabba Agbo, 2018, 8 Min, 50 Sec 
An awkward guy finally decides to step out of his comfort zone when he finds himself single on yet another Valentines Day. 
Women of The Now Presents: Bea Cordelia 
Directed by Laura Day, 2018, 9 mins
Enter the world of Bea Cordelia, writer, director, performer and trans activist, in the first installment in a series of femme-focused documentaries by Women of the Now. 
Women's March Episode 1 & 2 
Directed by Jill Sandmire
Directed by Shannon Metelko & Mandy Work Wetzel, 2018, 6 mins
Unknown is an experimental dance film that explores anxiety from inside the mind.
Synergy Cypher Pt. 1
Synergy Cypher Pt. 1 is the first single off the all-women's produced and performed Hip-Hop album Synergy. Performed & Written by Jovan Landry, Glitter Moneyyy, Sauda Muse and Jade The Ivy. Produced by Jovan Landry.
Synergy Cypher Pt. 2
Synergy Cypher Pt. 2 is the second lead single from the all-woman produced & performed album Synergy. Written & Performed by Chicago artists Jovan Landry, Sundé, Tee Spirit, JuJu MinXXX and Tweak'G. Produced by K Flow. 
Highly Grounded
Directed by Briana Clearly
An experimental film that explores the idea of becoming your most authentic self under the influence.  


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