The G Force

Directed by: Pamela Sherrod Anderson. - SUN, FEB 17, 3PM

SUN, FEB 17, 3PM

When parents are unable to parent, an increasing number of grandparents step in to raise their children’s children. Grandparents are providing more than babysitting and chauffeuring duties. They are answering the need to be their grandchildren’s primary caregiver and to become part of today's “G Force”.

With the rising trend of grandparents stepping in to raise their children's children, The G Force explores the challenges, concerns, and joys of two families headed by grandmothers. "Grandma will tell you when you are wrong," declares Ellen Robinson, who dotes on her teen grandson Patrick, as she models old-school values. 
Grandmother Georgeanna Fischetti, who has raised her middle-school granddaughter Martha from birth, provides a home filled with warmth and laughter, and a surrogate grandfather in her partner Bob. With stress fractures in their lives becoming more visible, these elders seek advice and peer support. Interviews with experts in legal and social services, as well as the Second Chance Grandparent Writers, show love and resilience are the strongest grandparenting tools. 
The G Force was produced by Graceworks Theater and Film Productions, directed by Pamela Sherrod Anderson, 2018, USA, 57 min. Director Pamela Sherrod Anderson will be in attendance for the screening. 
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