Live Film Concert: Telesonic 9000

Directed by: Dominick Gray. - SAT, JAN 26, 7PM

Telesonic 9000 is a live film concert created and performed by drummer Dominick Gray that explores ideas of the human experience, futurism, and technological advancement. 
Telesonic 9000 is a kaleidoscopic patchwork of found footage from more than 300 archival films in the public domain and set to an original soundtrack of eclectic music composed by Gray. During the live show, Gray performs rhythms on the drums that are synchronized with the visuals on the screen. The Toledo City Paper wrote that the "...multimedia experience is curated in a way that ties the past to the future, and subtly taps into various parts of the mind all at once." Telesonic 9000 has been performed in various concert halls, galleries, cultural centers, and festivals in Europe, Asia, and the USA. 
Dir. Dominick Gray, 2016, USA, 55 mins
Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Ave. Enter on Hollywood
60660 Chicago , IL