The Civil Hoax

Directed by: Jon Silver

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2018 | 7:30 PM

In The Civil Hoax: Civil War Deniers, local filmmaker and improv comedy fixture Jon Silver takes the current climate of truth-denying to a hilarious and absurdist extreme (though maybe not so absurdist these days). His mockumentary, co-written with Joey Gartner, skewers the pervasiveness of historical denial, conspiracy theories, "alternative" facts, and "fake news." As large numbers of Americans fall victim to internet memes, questionable online "news" sites, and Russian bots, The Civil Hoax serves as sharp satire and a sobering reminder that maybe it's not too far-fetched anymore that there really could be individuals denying wholesale the historical truth of the Civil War.

This feature comedy parodies the spreading of rumors, propaganda, and ridiculous ideas about the war between North and South. The film features numerous comedians and actors from the legendary Chicago improv troupes Second City and iO, including Mike Jimerson, Ryan Ben, Cari Maher, and Michael Brunlieb. The Civil Hoax is the first feature from local filmmaker Jon Silver, who is the former Managing Director of The Annoyance Theater and co-founder of ShowPup Productions. Directed by Jon Silver, 2018, USA, 52 min

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