Aim for the Roses

Directed by: John Bolton


A Musical-Docudrama about A Daredevil and a Double Bass


Aim for the Roses is filmmaker John Bolton's 2016 musical-docudrama about musician Mark Haney's 2008 concept album for double bass about stuntman Ken Carter's 1976 attempt to jump the St. Lawrence Seaway in a rocket powered car. Clearly this is not your ordinary documentary subject. Bolton's film is about two instances of imaginative excess, twinning the stories of daredevil Carter (who died in a similar stunt in 1983, and is portrayed here by actor Andrew McNee) and musician and composer Haney. Aim for the Roses is a one-of-a-kind film, about a one-of-a-kind album, about a one-of-a-kind stunt, all three of which could only happen in Canada. It blurs the lines between pathos and kitsch, and dignity and absurdity, through a barrage of original interviews, archival footage, dramatic recreations, and musical numbers. It celebrates the beauty and the terror of making a living as a composer and as a stuntman. It's for highbrow fans of the contemporary avant-garde and lowbrow fans of 1970s Canadian hoserdom. Think: Errol Morris and Philip Glass meet Super Dave Osborne. The Globe and Mail says it's "a bizarre, wild, amazing ride.”


(John Bolton, 2016, Canada, 102 min, Digital Projection)

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