6/30, 8PM - Wretched Woman

Directed by: Emily Esperanza

With Filmmaker Emily Esperanza and Cinematographer Greg Stephen Reigh in Person

Emily Esperanza's Wretched Woman is a collection of short films and videos that utilize duration and soundscape to explore gendered spaces, female sexuality/sensuality, and archetype through a series of atmospheric tableaux.


The program includes:

Maiden (2017, 13 min) A meditation on the maiden archetype through a landscape of sound, light, and shadow.

Hail Mary (2017, 16 min) A "moving painting", an exercise in holding space.

Massillon (2016, 2 min) Analog ruminations in a haunted house.

Severance (2016, 5 min) A video ritual in the desert.

NECESSITY/LUXURY (2016, 13 min) A study of time, repetition, and intention set in a liminal southwestern motel room.

GLORY/INFERNO (2015, 23 min) A murder mystery, in two parts.


All Digital Projection.

Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Avenue
60660 Chicago , IL