5/27, 7PM - The Promised Band

Directed by: Jen Heck

Jen Heck's 2016 fascinating and hilarious documentary follows a group of Israeli and Palestinian women who form a fake rock band in order to meet and socialize. The fact that none of them are actual musicians is beside the point, but some kind of cover story was necessary to provide a reason that would allow them to get together and forge connections across cultures, religion, and physical and political borders. The Promised Band documents this group of adventurous and idealistic women as they navigate the complex logistics for their meetings, learn how to actually become a believable band, and continually place themselves in jeopardy as they place their human similarities above the differences ingrained by decades of divide. (2016, 89 min, Digital Projection)

Preceded by Jessie Ewing's 2017 documentary I'm Here To Stay (10 min, Digital Projection), a film haiku about memory woven through the daily rituals and domestic life of 105-year old Velma DellQuadri.
This screening is being held in conjunction with Hands of Peace.
Hands of Peace is an interfaith organization that empowers young people to raise their voices as leaders of change. Through the power of dialogue, Palestinians, Israelis and Americans partner to pursue peace, equality, freedom and justice. Hands of Peace believes the future depends on the leadership of the next generation.
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