4/7, 8PM - Explorations of Portrait and Place: The Films of Adele Friedman

Directed by: Adele Friedman

Most of these portraits are about cultural people and how their lives are informed by their interiors and artistic tastes. They surround themselves with what moves them. People don’t leave their culture at the museum or the office; they bring it home and live with it. It’s part and parcel of the daily fabric of their lives. Two place-portraits are also included in this program; places that exist on their own, absent of their creators, conceived by individuals but that stand alone as testimony to the people who created them. Screening are: Robert’s Place (2004, 6 min), Sarah and Norman (1983, 4 min), Marietta (2006, 5 min), Lars and Nirin: Home and Hospitality (2017, 12 min), Giverny (2012, 7 min), François: A Place of Time (2015, 15 min), Miles and Yves, Indre (2017, 10 min), Lincoln, Nebraska (2017, 10 min), and Red Cloud(2016, 6 min). (1983-2017, 75 min total, 16mm)


Adele Friedman will be in attendance to conduct a Q&A following her film!


Suggested donation: $8

Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Avenue
60660 Chicago , IL