Directed by: Various

Absurdity reigns in this screening of two local video artists whose work shares a love of the ridiculous, highly stylized performance, and obtuse narratives. Mike Lopez's videos combine animation, still illustrations of printed zines, and live-action imagery telling stories influenced by pop culture narratives. His dryly hilarious work ranges from stories of popular jocks doing terrible things animated with images that sometimes directly contradict the story being told, to semi-faux promotional videos mocking his own efforts. Jimmy Schaus' video work is a bit more blunt and colorful. He makes glitching videos of daffy narratives featuring purposefully stilted performances that remind one of water-damaged video tapes of long forgotten cable access productions of John Waters texts read by Warhol actors. This promises to be a fun night. (Mike Lopez & Jimmu Schaus, various years, approx. 90 min., USA)

Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago , IL