Directed by: Morgan Knibbe

"Stunning visual camera play meets the very real crisis of illegal EU immigration in this original and experimental documentary. Opening in the darkness of a gale-struck sea, cameras literally fall overboard from a smuggler’s boat overloaded with undocumented immigrants. From the point of view of a drowning man, the crashing waves muffle his cries for help, as fading lights dim ever downwards. Suddenly, the tides vault him up out of the water, lifting what we now observe as the dead man’s soul high above the storm. Carried off in swirling aerials overland, he is our portal throughout this unique study of the plight of undocumented immigrants on the shores of Europe. Filmmaker Morgan Knibbe uses subjective camerawork to follow a cast of characters, from a drug-addicted mother, to men stuffing themselves into cargo ships doors, to the discarded masses living on EU streets. Visually and emotionally arresting, Those Who Feel the Fire Burning is a unique hybrid that grafts the unwelcoming realities and outdated fantasies of the milk and honey dream." - Myrocia Watamaniuk, Hot Docs Film Festival (2014, 74 min., video)

Chicago Filmmakers
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