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Kartemquin is the bedrock of Chicago documentary filmmaking. Over its 50 year history it has produced dozens of award-winning films that are always at the bleeding edge of social issues and documentary form. As part of a city-wide celebration of Kartemquin throughout 2016, Chicago Filmmakers is delighted to show some of their earliest films. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE RED SQUARES? (1970, 15 min., 16mm) shows students at the Art Institute of Chicago protesting the invasion of Cambodia, and discussing the role of the artist in a capitalist society. HUM 255  (1969, 28 min., 16mm) again turns to radical politics on campus, as University of Chicago students who were expelled for occupying an administration building are invited back to speak to current students about the strength of their convictions. PARENTS (1968, 22 min., 16mm) features a religious youth group discussing parental authority and communication. Join us for this celebration of Kartemquin and their amazing films. 

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