Directed by: Miguel Llansó

Co-presented with the Chicago Cinema Society


In a distant future wasteland, many years after an apocalypse wiped out most of humankind’s history, a new religion has emerged. Random found artifacts of late 20th century pop culture that have been collected into a twisted spiritual narrative of gods and wonders. This is a land where a vintage Michael Jackson LP is a sacred object. Physically malformed Candy (the incredible Daniel Tadesse, a star in the new wave of Ethiopian film) is tired of his day-to-day routine, salvaging and bartering scraps from bygone civilizations. He embarks on a quest to conquer his fears and learn more about a mysterious UFO that’s been hovering in the sky “since the beginning of the big war.” His journey will see him crossing paths with numerous unexpected obstacles, including witches, Nazis and an emaciated and rather belligerent Santa Claus.


Ethiopia’s first sci-fi feature also happens to be a post-apocalyptic black comedy, an eccentric love story and a brilliant blast of politically charged surrealism. The most jaded cinephile will be lit up by this intelligent and offbeat blast of Afro-futurism. It’s an extraordinary feature debut for writer/producer/director Miguel Llansó, sumptuously photographed with widescreen panoramas the make potent use of Ethiopia’s largely alien-to-Western-eyes landscapes, and staged with a bottomless sense of invention, poetry and wit. Llansó has created a hugely original futureworld oddity, where magic fuses with history, and religious faith evolves into something even more absurdist than the extremes of our current age — all fronted by a performer every bit as singular as the film itself. To state the obvious, CRUMBS is quite unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. - Mitch Davis (Fantasia International Film Festival)

Hokin Hall, Columbia College Chicago
623 S. Wabash Ave.
60605 Chicago , IL