Directed by: GINA TELAROLI

Programmed by Beguiled Cinema

“How did I get to Hollywood? By train.” - John Ford

Gina Telaroli is a New York-based filmmaker, critic, programmer, teacher, and video archivist at Sikelia Productions. Before making her own films, she collaborated with Meerkat Media Collective, a "self-organized community of filmmakers that are committed to a non-hierarchical, consensus-based process." With Meerkat, she co-directed the feature-length documentary STAGES in 2009. She's also the co-editor of anthologies on Hollywood directors William A. Wellman (for La Furia Humana), Allan Dwan (for Lumiere), and Tony Scott (for MUBI). Her image and video essays have appeared on sites such as Moving Image Source and Cleo Journal. -Kat Sachs

4’8 1/2” (2011, 10 min)
DIGITAL DESTINIES (2012, 12 min)
TRAVELING LIGHT (2011, 58 min)
"An Amtrak train pulls out of Penn Station in New York City on a cold, sunny February morning. The train moves forward as the landscape changes—the East Coast giving way to the Midwest. Passengers fill their roles, the snow begins to fall and the next train station is announced, all while the light continues shifting, bouncing, swelling and slouching into eventual darkness." Made with Meerkat Media and the Goddamn Cobras.

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