Superimposed: Activist Video & Collective Voices

Directed by: John Akomfrah, Sebastian, The Women's Video Collective

Superimposed: Activist Video & Collective Voices summons film and video work by the spiritual predecessors of Chances Dances, reflecting the collective practices and experimental organizing models of radical artists since the 1960s. "Ant Farm's Dirty Dishes is a freewheeling portapak time capsule that captures the collective spirit of Ant Farm's life and work in California in the early 1970s." (EAI) Colorful and psychedelic theater troupe The Cockettes parody the wedding of Richard Nixon’s daughter in Tricia’s Wedding (1971). Boston Women’s Video Collective promotes feminism and peace with their documentary Stronger Than Before (1983), centered on the Women’s Encampment in Seneca County where thousands of women mobilized to protest a shipment of nuclear arms. Expanding the pluralistic influences of long-standing and multifaceted queer collective Chances Dances, Superimposed attempts to channel and present for exploration an ongoing process of creating/working collectively to affect radical change through art.

Ant Farm, Dirty Dishes, 1971-2003, video, 9 min.
Sebastian, Tricia's Wedding, 1971, 16mm, 33 min. (The Cockettes)
The Women's Video Collective, Stronger Than Before, 1983, video, 27 min.

Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street
60607 Chicago , IL