Directed by: Milton Moses Ginsberg’s


Programmed + Introduced By Tim Kinsella!

I’ve never been much of an Abstract Expressionist. Structural constraints move me, the way the sustained compression provokes explosive release. It’s just so much like life! COMING APART was one of the first films that ever made me feel like the characters were being choked by the film’s frame. It’s funny, but only in the saddest ways. And it’s harrowing. I feel embarrassed for everyone involved, but also profound empathy. I might not know of a more perfect tautology than director Milton Moses Ginsberg’s narrative design given life here: the camera = the story = the theme. It creeps along. Its apparent flourishes reveal themselves to be formal necessities. As a viewer you are offered nothing except the direct experience of your voyeurism. (1969, 110 min, video)


Loneliness takes form in infinite variations and contexts. The circumstances of your life might make you feel like you must be a freak, but far as you can tell, you don’t think you feel like a freak. But how else to account for how strange you think everyone else is, all The Normals? And how strange they all look at you? Feeling judged all the time. Being alone and living alone are acquired skills. This series will present classic films that investigate various extremes men reach struggling to connect with others, their own spirit, and their sense of self. (This series will continue throughout 2015 and 2016).

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