Directed by: Chris Hefner


A portrait of the moment in which a previously grand, luxurious lifestyle is revealed to be woefully unstable, The Pink Hotel follows the parallel experiences of the tenants of a luxury hotel as they come to the realization that something fundamental to their lifestyle is utterly wrong.

An orderly man, preparing for a New Year's Day reception, finds himself unable to leave his room doe to an overwhelming dread that something dire has been neglected. A bombastic movie star continues unflinchingly in loud, oblivious decadence, spiraling ever higher into stardom and terrible consequence. A devoted Concierge, disgusted with the state of his beloved hotel, embarks on a mission to dispatch the building with dignity and glory. And the faded ghost of a woman, all too aware of the trajectory of her opulent home, slowly and quietly relinquishes control.

The Pink Hotel is Chris Hefner's first feature film and was released in 2010. Hefner's second feature, "The Poisoner", was completed in early 2014 and will be touring the festival circuit later this year.

"Glorious, odd, perplexing and toothsome -- a must-see for insomniacs and hotel guests everywhere."
~ Audrey Niffenegger

"Gorgeous and enigmatic -- dripping with pinkness!"
~ Guy Maddin

Friday, May 23rd at 8:00pm | Chicago Filmmakers' Screening Space - 5243 N. Clark St. in Andersonville | $8 Suggested Donation





5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago