Kids These Days

Directed by: Various

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This showcase celebrates the nostalgia, innocence, mystery and wonder of childhood through animation and narrative.  Featuring a Chaplinesque Oscar winning animation, profiles of skateboarders in the late ‘80s, rag dolls, touch-cell animation, foam rubber puppets, Claymation, and intriguing stories told by Grandpa, this series is sure to delight kids of all ages. “It's never too late to have a happy childhood.” ― Tom Robbins.

Full Lineup

John Hubley's Moonbird (1959) // Oscar winning animation of the filmmaker's chidlren going out to catch the "moonbird."

Suzan Pitt's Jefferson Circus Songs (1973) // Charming children's fantasies come to life in this animated film.

Al Jarnow's Jessie:  The First Year (1979) // Pixilated animation of the first year of the filmmaker's son's life.

Stan VanDerBeek's Euclidian Illusions (1979) // Computer genterated stars float in a computer generated space.

Eugene Fedrenko's Every Child (1980) // Chaplinesque Oscar winning Canadian animation about an infant being shuttled from doorstep to doorstep.

Michael McMillan's Be My Gas (1980) // Delightful kid's animation about a cat who tricks a dog to chase him on a treadmill.

Paul Vester's Sunbeam (1980) // Fleisheresque animation of musical notes jumping off the sheet music to sing and dance.

Kim Singhrs' Number 2 (1981) // Delightful animation of a pencil's trip to the sharpener.

Vinton, Will & Shadburne's The Great Cognito (1982) // Claymation of a celebrity impersonator.

Gary Mills' Getting High (1983) // Adventure of a child around his father's pool table.

Michael Long's Follies:  An Introduction to Don Quixote (1984) // Charming kid's animation about tilting at windmills.

Brian Duchsherer's The Foolish Ogres (1986) // Foam rubber puppet characters enact a irreverant and humorous children's film about ogres.

Don Venhaus' Winken Blinken and Knobs (1986) // Playful kid's animation about a creature becoming curious about it's creation.

Jonathan Lyon's The Rooster (1987) // Kid's animation about a rooster that only crows when the sun goes down.

Patrick Volk's Picnic at Bug Stump (1987) // A kid's animation; a bug-eyed look at a day in the lives of an ant, bee, and fly.

Sharon Grimberg's Skateboardwise (1989) // A profile of skateboarding culture in Ann Arbor, Michigan:  kids, cops, pedestrians, and shop owners.

Phil McKenney's Travels of a Dollar Bill (1990) // Grandpa tells the kids about his humorous and harrowing travels since his birth at the U.S. Mint.  Animated.


Celluloid Stars Series
This series celebrates gorgeous 16mm short films from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  These films were groundbreaking for their time and continue to inspire and intrigue media makers and artists today. Grab a lawn-chair and join us to enjoy pristine 16mm projection under the stars.  Films are suitable for all ages.

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