Masters of the Experimental

Directed by: Michael Snow and Ernie Gehr

Wavelength (Directed by Michael Snow, USA, 1967, 45 min, 16mm)
Considered a landmark of avant-garde cinema, Wavelength is often listed as one of the greatest underground, art house and Canadian films ever made. Rightly described as a "triumph of contemplative cinema," the newly restored 16mm print from Museum of Modern Art is a spectacle that truly engages the higher conceptual orders.
Serene Velocity
(Directed by Ernie Gehr, USA,1970, 23 min, 16mm)
Gehr's justifiably most famous work is a sublime meditation on camera movement and the inherently disorienting properties of institutional space. The Museum of Modern Art's gloriously restored print of Gehr's iconic film intensifies the experience of this profoundly mesmerizing film.


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