Orbit(film) + (NEW!) - Presentation and Tour with Adler Astronomer Dr. Mark Hammergren!

Directed by: Various

In Orbit(film), every planet in our solar system is represented by a short film, each made by a different filmmaker, dealing with the science of outer space through creative and emotional storytelling and visual poetry. Some of the original source material comes from NASA footage, reinterpreted by each filmmaker to make a portrait of the respective planet. Non-planet films cover the sun, moon and comets. The series is co-produced by Mike Plante (Cinemad) and Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Rooftop Films), and contributing filmmakers include Bill Brown (Uranus), Brian Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky (The Moon), Ben Coonley (Mercury), Michael Gitlin and Jacqueline Goss (Saturn), Brent Hoff (The Sun), Jessica Oreck (Venus), Mike Plante (Earth), Poseidon (Neptune), Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Mars), Kelly Sears (Jupiter), Melanie Shatzky, Deborah Stratman (Comets), and Travis Wilkerson (Pluto and re-entry). (2010-11, 85 min. total)

Immediately following the screening, Adler astronomer Dr. Mark Hammergren will lead a presentation and tour of the Adler Planetarium's recently updated gallery, Our Solar System.

For travel and parking information, visit www.adlerplanetarium.org/plan/directions. We recommend taking public transportation.


5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago