Magnificat: Films by Pat O'Neill

Directed by: Pat O’Neill

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Pat O’Neill has been straddling commercial cinema and the avant-garde since the 1970s. As an optical effects artist, he has created special effects for many films including The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983) while making his own highly original shorts. Combining optical printing with found footage, abstract animation, and original cinematography, his films offer a beautiful and often humorous tour of the American psyche by drawing strange associations from disparate elements in order to form a rich, layered collage. (1970–76, 74 min., 16mm)

Down Wind (1973, 15 min.)
Saugus Series (1974, 18 min.)
Sidewinders Delta (1976, 20 min.)
Last of the Persimmons (1972, 6 min.)
Runs Good (1971, 15 min.) pictured

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