The Power and the Glory: Films by Bruce Baillie

Directed by: Bruce Baillie

Bruce Baillie became a central figure in the New American Cinema movement in the 1960’s with his sensuous tone poems and by starting the Canyon Cinema cooperative in his backyard in 1961. This program features some of his key works from that decade, in which people and places are accorded a mystical reverence through gorgeous images and atmospheric soundtracks. Many of these films are considered masterpieces and some of the most beautiful films ever made. (1961–67, 65 min. total, 16mm)

JUST ADDED: All My Life (1966, 3 min.) – Roses, a fence, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Tung (1966, 6 min.) – Portrait of a female dancer in the early morning.
Mr. Hayashi (1961, 3 min.) – Newsreel about a Japanese gardener looking for work.
Mass for the Dakota Sioux (1964, 20 min.) – Mass for Native American life.
To Parsifal (1963, 16 min.) – Tribute to Wagner with fog, railroads and mountains.
Castro Street (1966, 10 min.) - Portrait of the Standard Oil Refinery in Richmond, CA. (pictured)
Valentin de las Sierras (1967, 10 min.) – Portrait of a young girl in Jalisco, Mexico.

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