Best of Rural Route Film Festival 2011

Directed by: Various

Films about rural people and places have inspired this New York-based festival since 2002. In this selection of highlights from 2011, small town life is treated with the same reverence as wonders of the natural world. Meet a country music legend hiding out in the Deep South, firefighters patroling the foothills of California, and a young woman choosing between love and the army in rural Pennsylvania, among many others. A variety of genres, regions, and perspectives make this ideal for city slickers and country folk alike. (2009 - 2011, 94 min., video)

Anima Mundi – Kate Balsley (2010, 4 min)
Holland, MI – Rebecca Rodriguez (2011, 10 min.)
The Bees – Rana Ayoub (2010, 13 min.)
Plot – George Sander-Jackson (2009, 2 min.)
Of a Feather – Rob Yeo (2011, 10.5 min.)
Fireline – Sara Newens (2010, 6.5 min.)
AWOL – Deb Shoval (2010, 14 min.)
Sand Mountain – Kathryn McCool (2009, 34 min.)

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60640 Chicago