Kati with an I

Directed by: Robert Greene

“With high school graduation looming, Kati is just three days from entering the real world, and nothing seems to be going right. Her friends are saying good-bye, her parents are located hundreds of miles away, and her fiancé, James, is stuck in his mother's tight grip. Kati spends her last moments indulging in teenage folly – bad sing-alongs in the car, afternoon pool parties, arcade trips – and fighting with James and her parents about her life. As Kati grapples with her future, her half-brother, director Robert Greene, and standout cinematographer Sean Williams (Frownland, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo) tag along, capturing gorgeous and incredibly intimate footage of two teenagers at a crossroads. Both a skillful portrait of teenage angst and a dreamlike meditation on the passing of youth, Kati with an I is a film to get lost in.” – True/False Film Festival (2010, 86 min.)


5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago