Be Like An Ant

Directed by: Mike Plante

Paul has been building a house in upstate New York for over 20 years. With no mortgage or blueprints, and relying only on his training as an engineer, he began the project as an extension to his mobile home, and it gradually grew into an elaborate 4-story structure that stands like a dark fortress tucked deep inside his wooded property. This unconventional portrait presents a guided tour of the house in its perpetually unfinished state, and a fascinating glimpse inside the mind of a self-made man living off his instincts and rejecting the rules of larger society. Paul won a Purple Heart for bravery in Vietnam, and his harrowing survival story provides a profound potential origin for his unorthodox working methods. (Mike Plante, 2011, 57 min., USA) 

PLUS: Nevadaville, CO – Why would anyone throw away a family photo book at 9,000 feet in the mountains? An exploration of found photos, highways and gold. (D. Mike Plante, 2012, 12 min.)

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