Group 312 Films

Directed by: Various

Group 312 Films is a Chicago-based artists' collective of digital video directors who work collaboratively on short films. Often following thematic criteria across a variety of genres and formats, each director creates one short per month over a six-month period. The shorts featured in this program have grown out of this process over the last few years, and display a breadth of original voices. Fractured narratives, science fiction, and rock ‘n roll are combined with found footage, animation, and optical effects for a journey far from the multiplex. Group members will be in person to discuss their creative process. Directors include Kevin B. Chatham, Sean Hopp, Brian Klein, Chris Mann, Satan2000, Galina Shevchenko, Richard Syska, and Brian Wyrick. (2009 - 2011, 85 min.)

pictured: 10 Frames (aka My Dog Ate My Homework) by Brian Wyrick

Program to include:

The End and the Beginning – Brian Wyrick
A radio broadcast from the past, present and future. A post-apocalyptic warning: "as rusted out arguments are carried to the scrap pile ...those who knew, must make way for those that know little". -Wislawa Szymborska.

Speculum – Satan2000
Experimental music video from sound artist Satan2000. An exploration of the relationship of camera to object and a head-shredding aural interpretation of that exploration.

Slow Purification – Kevin B. Chatham
Is it a metaphorical purging of primal impulses -atonement, a spiritual quest or just a pyro's majestic dream? A music video exploring FIRE!!

Billy's Dream – Chris Mann
A narrative video depicting the irrational fears of childhood dreams, innocence lost and maybe a potent warning of things to come.

The Eternal Masque – Richard Syska
A richly-textured animation that suggests a metaphor for the eternal struggle and quest for transformation.

Djinn – Kevin B. Chatham
A narrative video that explores the elements of subjective viewpoint. A dizzying narrative that unfolds both humorously and yet disturbingly -inspired by the novel of the same name by Alain Robbe-Grillet.

Camera On A Ceiling Fan – Satan2000
Music video featuring: Kenny Process Team's "World in my Brain." The director again explores the relationship of camera to object, this time by removing the dictatorial restrictions inherent in the directorial process -by attaching the camera to a ceiling fan! The result is dizzying and so PUNK. Guaranteed to bring either a smile or puke to your lips!

The Source – Chris Mann
A narrative piece that illustrates the tensions caused by political correctness in the home. A cautionary tale of social struggle, that proves bringing something as innocent as a bag of toy solders into your home could have disastrous and unexpected consequences.

10 Frames (aka My Dog Ate My Homework) – Brian Wyrick
A experimental video suggesting the commodification of nostalgic impulse and the nature of time that allows amnesty from guilt.

In Another Time – Chris Mann
Experimental video-narrative "taught to see beyond the surface -now my eyes are cursed" a dark exploration of the director's mental state.

Pappo's Blues – Satan2000
Music video from Satan2000. An exploration of the relationship of camera to object in the form of a musical interpretation of a 1972 recording of psych band: Pappo's Blues "Sandwiches de Miga."

Door to Heaven – Richard Syska
Vintage stag, sex education and religious films from the 50's and 60's are appropriated and re-contextualized into an educational and entertaining pro-masturbation video sure to arouse laughter while inspiring those of all ages! Don't be afraid!

The Button – Kevin B. Chatham
A first person narrative based on the subjects relationship to time, memory and purpose. "I'm supposed to push this button -why?" 

Repetition – Brian Klein
An experimental film exploring visual and auditory repetition in various contexts.

Sublime – Galina Shevchenko
A sublime meditation on fashion, femininity and the confines of architecture. Surrender.

Snot Inoculum – Richard Syska, Chris Mann
Narrative; Aliens influence life on earth with humorous results. Not since Hitchcock's "Psycho" has a bathroom scene so terrified and shocked audiences!!

Fly My Locust Fly – Sean Hopp
A music video: Dark forces conspire to destroy your mind! Locusts, demons or maybe just a deranged record label like Mathbat that scans your brain for arcane knowledge leaving only destruction ...or is it enlightenment in it's wake! You'll thank the people at Mathbat for the damage they have done -now fly away!

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