Best of Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011

Directed by: Various

The Best of Ottawa program showcases many of the outstanding films from the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival. Featuring audience favorites and award winners from the official competition, this collection of short animated works promises a little something for everyone. Highlights include Pjotr Sapegin’s heart-warming The Last Norwegian Troll, Stephen Irwin’s riveting grand-prize winner Moxie, and the hilarious crowd-favorite The Goat and The Well by Ben Cady. (2010 – 2011, 75 min.)


12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still – Magali Charrier/Royal College of Art (2010, 8 min., UK)
Haru no shikumi (The Mechanism of Spring) – Atsushi Wada (2011, 4 min., Japan)
The Renter – Jason Carpenter (2011, 10 min., U.S.A.)
Joyz 'Electropia' – Noriko Okaku (2011, 5 min., UK & Japan) pictured
Blanche Fraise – Frédérick Tremblay/La Bande Vidéo (2011, 17 min., Canada)
I'm Fine Thanks – Eamonn O'Neill/Royal College of Art (2011, 4.5 min., UK)
Det Siste Norske Trollet (The Last Norwegian Troll) – Pjotr Sapegin (2010, 13 min., Norway)
Moxie – Stephen Irwin (2011, 5 min., U.K.)
The Goat and The Well – Ben Cady/University of Wales, Newport (2010, 5 min., U.K.)

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