Directed by: Ryan Walker

"Zielinski shows a most unforgettable character" by Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune (read the complete article here).

Read the review by Ray Pride in Newcity Film here.

“Both a profile and a provocation, Zielinski is also a dream match of style and subject, blending the low-budget, crazy-quilt filmmaking of Chase Thompson and Ryan Walker with conspiracy-theorist extraordinaire John M. Zielinski, whose portrait seems perfectly framed by the pic's fractured assembly. Thompson and Walker take no clear stand on Zielinski's allegations of CIA-sanctioned drug running and pedophilia, resulting in the disappearances of hundreds of thousands of children in the United States yearly. The clear suggestion is that the door to Zielinski Land is off its hinges. But there's more to Zielinski than the eerie calm with which he delivers pronouncements of unspeakable horror. At one time, he was a journalist and world-class photographer whose pictures appeared in books, Life Magazine and the New York Times. No one attempts any amateur psychoanalysis of the subject, but Zielinski is not a raving lunatic. At the same time, he has no evident proof for anything he claims. The result is a movie about cognitive dissonance, and it's contagious.” – John Anderson, Variety (2011, 66 min.)

Co-director Ryan Walker and Zane L. Zielinski, Chicago attorney and son of John M. Zielinski, will be in attendance.  

Also Showing: The D Train – Jay Rosenblatt (2011, 5 min.) An elderly commuter watches life flash before his eyes.

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