Cold Fish

Directed by: Sion Sono

“With his impulse to sensationalize, Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono (Love Exposure) broadcasts the internal minutiae of his characters as something bolder, transforming Cold Fish from an exploration of jealousy, desire, pride, ego, and personal disappointment into a perversely comic Grand Guignol. The owner of a struggling fish store is unexpectedly taken under the wing of a much more successful proprietor and soon learns that shopkeeper's shady techniques in business, life, love, and murder. The film's gory high-body-count climax is by turns terrifying and sickening, queasily funny, and, finally, impishly insolent. As the maniacal killer, the actor Denden brings a loopy charisma and offbeat intensity, scary and goofy at the same time. His unlikely student, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, remains shy and ambivalent, a helpless bystander in his own life even as his hands become increasingly bloody.” – Mark Olsen, Village Voice (2010, 144 min., Japanese with English subtitles)

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