Chicago 8: A Small Gauge Film Festival

Directed by: Various

The Chicago 8: Small Gauge Film Festival opens with two shows at Cinema Borealis: a group show of local filmmakers at 8pm, and a retrospective by Dutch filmmaker Jaap Pieters at 9:30pm.

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Adele Friedman, Bill Stamets, Jason Halprin, Karen Johannesen, Adam Paradis & Lori Felker in Person!

Adele Friedman - Doug & His Plants (1977)
Saul Levine - Big Stick (1973) pictured
Jason Halprin – All Night & All Day (2010)
Michael Robinson – Untitled (2007)
Karen Johannesen - Light Speed (2007)
Adam Paradis - Sun Dress (2010)
Lori Felker - I Own A Carousel (2011)
Bill Stamets - Red Filter Goes to Cortes Island. Sees Dogs and Sun. (2011)
Jo Ann Elam – Lie Back & Enjoy It (1982)
TRT: 59 min

Co-presented by Christy LeMaster of The Nightingale Theatre

Dutch super 8 filmmaker Jaap Pieters will be in person with live musical accompaniment by local musician Travis Bird!

The Chicago 8 Festival is very pleased to co-present this program with Christy LeMaster from the Nightingale Theatre. Jaap’s films are highly personal observations of his surroundings. Limiting himself to the duration of the 3-minute Super 8 reel, he uses minimal equipment and editing. Often filming from his apartment window, he may focus on unusual people seen on the street, or on recurring characters both known and unknown. In the manner of a home screening, Jaap will be present at these shows to give commentary on his program, which will be selected at each individual show. Travis will improvise accompaniment to the silent films, incorporating both musical and nonmusical sounds to interact with the visual environments presented in Jaap’s films.

Jaap Pieters has been taking photographs and making Super 8 films for the last three decades, and is a well-known presence in Europe. Beginning with his first solo program in Istanbul in 1997, he has shown regularly throughout virtually all corners of Europe, including on tours of Switzerland, Germany, and Spain, as well as in Paris, Athens, Copenhagen, and many more. He is also a fixture at IFF Rotterdam, and has shown at all manner of alternative venues along the way.

Travis Bird, is a guitarist, composer, and writer focused on both songwriting and improvisation. Active in Chicago since 2007, he has worked in a wide variety of musical environments and has played at venues across the U.S. on several occasions, as well as pursuing an active release schedule. In addition to his musical activities, he co-curates Notice Recordings (est. 2010), a boutique cassette label that has released his own work as well as that of other experimental musicians.

TRT: 90 min



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60640 Chicago