Seen and Heard Music Video Showcase

Directed by: Various

Chicago Filmmakers' and The Cinema Culture's third annual Seen and Heard Music Video Showcase will highlight videos that push the boundaries and complement the varied styles of cutting edge music. Witness a rebirth of bite-size cinema as these visionary, debauched filmmakers rework a collage of VHS era video, pop culture icons and slick digital details for a fresh perspective on music videos. We're bringing back some gems from CIMM Fest 2011 and will host a selection of hits from label giants such as Thrill Jockey and Grape Juice and hometown heroes such as HoZac and Permanent Records. Merchandise, promo materials, filmmakers, labels, and musicians will all be in attendance so come early and bring your own seat belt! (2010-11, 73 min.)

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Every Which Way – Musikanto [Director Jason Hinkle] Grape Juice Records
Quicksand Passin Through
– Tijuana Hercules [Director John Forbes] Black Pisces Records
Velvet Days – Fungi Girls [Director Cameron Bruce Nelson] HoZac Records
Bohemian Grove – Outer Minds [Directors Canderson/TigerLily] HoZac Records
Oh I’m Free (Earn Your Card) – Brain Idea [Director Army of Kids] Permanent Records
August Song – Roommate [Director Jodie Mack] Unsigned
Motown Glass – Panda Riot [Director Panda Riot] Mirror Mirror Records
Before the Bridge – Future Islands [Director Abe Sanders] Thrill Jockey Records
Returner – Liturgy [Director Zev Deans] Thrill Jockey Records
Ah! – Oval [Director Darko Dragicevic] Thrill Jockey Records
Crystal Arms – Tunnels [Director Rebecca Carlisle-Healy] Thrill Jockey Records
Dolphins – Mi Ami [Director Luke Wyatt] Thrill Jockey Records
Honestly – J.D. [Director Lewis Vaughn] Unsigned
Everybody Cut – SuperToy [Director Amir George] Toy Factory Records
Bandwagon – Real Talk [Director Lewis Vaughn] Unsigned
Vision Vision – Loyal Divide [Director BB Gun] Unsigned
The Dark Tide – Glitter Bones [Director Kayla Kane] Unsigned
Modern Man – Kodacrome [Director Nelson Carvajal] Unsigned
Golden Ghost – Lotus [Director Brent Kado] SCI Fidelity Records

Come and Get Me In My Sleep - …soihadto… [Director Matthew Carr] Grape Juice Records





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