Disco and Atomic War

Directed by: Jaak Kilmi

“Adopting a highly idiosyncratic, lighthearted and yet entirely convincing approach to explaining how the communists lost the Cold War, Estonian-Finnish documentary Disco and Atomic War represents the latest sprightly effort from consistently original Estonian helmer Jaak Kilmi (Revolution of Pigs). Disco argues that Finnish telecasts of Yank series Dallas, soft-porn classic Emmanuelle and disco-dancing footage won over the hearts and minds of Estonian audiences to capitalism's pleasures, paving the way for the breakup of the Soviet Union. … In order to illustrate how macroeconomic forces impacted individual lives, Kilmi includes dramatized scenes showing, for instance, his rural cousin Urve (Gerda Viira) reading the latest Dallas plot developments to the whole town.” – Leslie Felperin, Variety (2009, 80 min., Estonia)

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