Scream Bloody Murder

Directed by: Marc B. Ray

Chicago Filmmakers is excited to welcome Joe Rubin from Odd Obsession Movies for a rare look at exploitation films from the 70’s. Often found in drive-in theaters across the U.S., these low-budget films trade on audience expectations for the lurid and profane to deliver dense atmosphere and compelling storytelling. Each film will be presented in glorious 16mm. 

The series begins with Scream Bloody Murder. Matthew is released from a mental hospital (where he was sent after he killed his father with a tractor) and returns home to discover that his mother has remarried. He kills his new stepfather, but accidentally murders his mother too. Strange visions soon plague him, and he hits the road to Venice, CA where he meets Vera, a kind-hearted prostitute, whom he immediately obsesses over. Deciding that they'll be friends forever, he kills an elderly woman who owns a nearby mansion and kidnaps the prostitute with the hope of creating a perfect life for the two of them. The completely unknown cast is uniformly excellent and Marc B. Ray's direction does a great job of making the film seem just as schizophrenic as the lead character. (1972, 84 min., 16mm)

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