Summer of Goliath

Directed by: Nicolas Pereda

“It is summer in Huilotepec, a rural community in the Mexican countryside, where a placid atmosphere belies the intrigues stirring among the townspeople. Teresa is convinced that her husband has left her for another woman. Her son, Gabino (a nuanced performance by Gabino Rodríguez), is in the military and spends his time conducting car searches with fellow soldier Alberto. Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old Oscar – nicknamed Goliath – lives the life of a social outcast because the word is he killed his girlfriend. To help illuminate this squalid environment, director Nicolas Pereda constructs a narrative using both interviews and dramatizations. At times, the performers are subjects in a documentary; at others, they are characters in fiction. Playing with audience perception, the film’s unusual construction elicits the mood and culture of small-town Mexico, producing a truly visceral experience.” – Toronto International Film Festival (2010, 76 min., Mexico/Canada)

Also showing: Interview with the Earth (D: Nicolas Pereda, 2008, 18 min., Mexico)

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