The Sticky Fingers of Time

Directed by: Hilary Brougher

Social Hour 7pm, Screening 8pm
Special Admission: $10 donation

“Hilary Brougher's The Sticky Fingers of Time is an East Village time-warp mystery for female sci-fi addicts who've never before had a film they fully could call their own. Brougher's protagonists are a '50s sci-fi writer and her slightly younger, slightly more scattered, '90s counterpart, who keep bouncing into each other's lives thanks to some mix-up in the DNA coding of their souls. The hydrogen bomb experiments of the '50s may or may not be a causal factor. Brougher's conceit is that time has five fingers. In addition to past, present, and future, there is also "that which could have been and that which yet could be." These two realms … are where desire and the imagination function. And they're where these two women are drawn together by a maternal, erotic bond that triumphs over ordinary time and space.” – Amy Taubin, Village Voice (1997, 81 min.)

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