"Punto y Raya" Animation Festival

Directed by: Various

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Punto y Raya has taken on the mantle “most abstract in the world” by exclusively showcasing 2D animation made up entirely of dots, lines, and flat backgrounds. This “back to basics” approach has challenged filmmakers and abstract artists to find freedom and expression within stringent limitations, and the results are fantastic. In 2009, submissions came from 37 countries, 80% of them created specifically for the festival. This program consists of 16 semi-finalist, finalist and awarded films from 2009, plus two shorts by renowned abstract artist Larry Cuba, whose work was presented in a retrospective at Punto y Raya in 2010. (1978-79, 2007-09, total running time 76 min.)


5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago