Into Eternity

Directed by: Michael Madsen

the most interesting documentary, and one of the most disturbing films, of the year so far...” – A.O. Scott, The New York Times


In a remote forest in western Finland, a team of scientists and engineers are building an elaborate underground bunker to contain all of their country’s nuclear waste. The place is called Onkalo, or “hiding place,” and given the lifespan for radioactivity, it will need to be sealed and left undisturbed for over 100,000 years. Danish director Michael Madsen examines this formidable task as a work of science fiction, in which scientists ponder how to design something that will last longer than recorded human history. Instead of a political polemic, he fashions his documentary as a meditation on time, and as a time capsule left for future generations. (Dir: Michael Madsen, 2010, 75 min., Denmark)

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