Regretters + The DeVilles

Directed by: Various

Two unconventional docs from Scandinavia make for a captivating double bill. From Sweden, Orlando and Mikael are Regretters (Dir: Marcus Lindeen, 2010, 60 min.). Never comfortable as men, they decided to have sex reassignment surgery and become women. Now in their sixties they realize it was a mistake. They meet for the first time in the film and interview each other about how the transformation affected their lives and the secrets they had to keep. (In Swedish with English subtitles.)

From Denmark, Teri Lee and Shawn Geary are The DeVilles (Dir: Nicole N. Horanyi, 2009, 56 min.). She is a burlesque dancer who goes by the name “Kitten DeVille,” and he plays bass guitar in a Ramones-era rock band. The stylish retro lifestyle they’ve created in the suburbs of Los Angeles is a bohemian dream, but now after 25 years of marriage their relationship is headed for the rocks. Fashioned more like a narrative than a documentary, the film uses gorgeous cinematography to capture events that are seemingly staged for the camera.

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