Chicago Architecture in Motion

Directed by: Various


Chicago’s architecture has been captured in many studio films over the years, but few films remain of the actual past. This program will attempt to reclaim a bit of it in both archival and recent works. Many of the buildings featured are familiar landmarks, while many others no longer exist. Some unheralded architects are also in our midst, and appear here to share their contributions. Discover the city as it once was in this rare trip back in time.

Chicago’s Modern Architecture – International Film Bureau (1985, 20 min.)
Tree Studios – Adele Friedman (1989, 15 min.)
Glass House - Chi Jang Yin (2007, 15 min.)
Inland Steel – Clara Alcott (2007, 12 min.)
Halsted Street – Conrad O. Nelson (1934, 15 min.)
Girl Is A Fellow Here: 100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright – Beverly Willis (2009, 15 min.)
Equitable Building: Time Lapse – Jack Behrend (1960s, 24 min.) Featuring a new original score by Renee’ Baker, Artistic Director/Conductor of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project

5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago