Kimuak: Short Films from Spain

Directed by: Various

Founded by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, Kimuak has created an incredible body of short narrative films that has been awarded by festivals around the world. That's right: state sponsored filmmaking, as also found in Canada, France, the U.K., and Australia. The Spanish version is quite special - solid acting, clever scripts, lucid direction, a wry flair for the dramatic. In 2007 Kimuak celebrated its 10th anniversary, and has generously shared with us a collection of its bounty. We're pleased to bring you these wonderful new discoveries. (In Spanish and French with English subtitles.)

7:35 DE LA MANANA (7:35 IN THE MORNING) - Nacho Vigalondo (2003, 8 min.) A song interrupts the routine at a cafe.
SINTONIA (WAVELENGTH) - Jose Maria Goenaga (2005, 9 min.) A highway tollbooth becomes a gateway to romance.
LA GUERRA (THE WAR) - Luis Berdejo/Jorge Dorado (2005, 10 min.) A boy hides from a soldier during World War II.
TERCERO B (THIRD FLOOR B) - Jose Maria Goenaga (2002, 18 min.) A chance encounter between two strangers at the beach turns deadly.
ERAMOS POCOS (ONE TOO MANY) - Borja Cobeaga (2005, 16 min.) After his wife leaves, Joaquin brings his mother-in-law to help with the housework.
TAXI? - Telmo Esnal (2007, 5 min.) This cab has too many options.
TRAUMALOGIA (TRAUMALOGY) - Daniel Sanchez Arevalo (2007, 22 min.) A father's heart attack interrupts his son's wedding, and family dysfunction comes bubbling up.

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