Directed by: Various

Kaleidoscopic abstracted images of swirling colors and erratically shifting images dominate the eye in videos by these two local artists of different generations. Steve Wood is a veteran of local commercial production and makes music videos, animations, and experimental film and video work that explores feedback loops, found footage, materiality, and neurology. His videos are pure, shimmering, bright explorations of light and sound. Andrew Rosinski is a fixture in Chicago's new media scene, creating the blog Dinca and the experimental arts festival Vision Quest. His work include looping flickering patterns, gif-based absurdities, and powerfully abstracted quotidian photography. It will surely be an intense retina-burning evening of dynamic visions. (Steve Wood & Andrew Rosinski, various years, approx. 90 min., USA)

Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago , IL