Directed by: Various

Filmmaking on actual celluloid motion picture film is alive and well in Chicago as evidenced by these three exciting filmmakers working around the intersections of physical film and video. Lorena Barrera Enciso's 16mm work stutters and smears with rapid editing and hand-processed, hand-tinted, and hand-worn images of birth and fruit and earth. Similarly earthy, though wildly different in tone and touch, Lorenzo Gattorna's 16mm on video works are slow and mediative films of nature and human's interactions and interventions in the landscape. Kelsey Velez's film and video work takes a sharp left turn into abstracted forms, pop culture nods, and colorful spinning shapes. These three filmmakers are tied together via a commitment to a time-worn image-making craft, yet their styles and subjects playfully clash in a highly entertaining way. (Lorena Barrera Enciso & Lorenzo Gattorna & Kelsey Velez, various years, approx. 90 min., USA)

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