Directed by: Various directors

Chicago's Own!

21Elementz is a production company created by a group of ambitious and talented black student filmmakers with a passion for writing, directing, and acting. Founding members Terry Haynes Jr. and Julian D. Jackson spearheaded the group and now produce an annual film festival. 21Elementz strives for excellence and has the ambition and talent to leave a mark on the industry. (Various directors, 2013 - 2016, 87 min., USA)


TIME OF BLACK DECEMBER (Trailer) (Terry Haynes Jr. & Julian D. Jackson, 2016, 1 min., USA)

FAITHFUL (Trailer) (Terry Haynes Jr., 2016, 1 min., USA)

THE CLIMAX (Mauricio Griffin, 2013, 15 min., USA)

TIME OF THE SLUGGARD (Julian D. Jackson, 2016, 15 min., USA)

HOME (Julian D. Jackson, 2014, 30 min., USA)

FAITHFUL (Terry Haynes Jr., 2016, 10 min., USA)

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