Directed by: Scout Tafoya

Programed by Beguiled Cinema

I AM NO BIRD (Scout Tafoya, 2015, 78 min., USA) is a riff on Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, examining the passions that have anchored love stories for centuries. Jane loved Roderick, until they slept together and she learned he'd been keeping his long-term relationship a secret. Now she is nagged by questions: Why did he wrong her? Who is this other woman? What happened to the seemingly sweet man she fell for? How does infidelity still happen? She finds him and confronts him without malice or spite, attempting to make the self-identified "nice guy" explain his chauvinistic behavior. Screening with WILLIAM TELL (Scout Tafoya, 2012, 7 min., USA): A surreal examination of male privilege and prejudice, taking the murder of Joan Vollmer by her husband William S. Burroughs as its focal point. Scout Tafoya is a filmmaker and critic living in Astoria. He's written for Film Comment and Brooklyn Magazine and created highly lauded video essays. I AM NO BIRD is one of 15 feature films he's directed since 2010. 

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